Virtual Reality for Better Health

Howard Rose, DeepStream VR co-founder and CEO, shares the power and potential for virtual reality to improve health and wellness. Howard and his co-founder, Ari Hollander have helped pioneer and research therapeutic uses of virtual reality for improving physical health and rehabilitation, promoting healthier lifestyles, and addressing mental health challenges.

Video time: 5:00 minutes
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How VR Helps

Virtual Reality is a full-body, sensory experience that taps into our ability to perform at our hightest level.  the power of VR lies in three unique characteristics: Immersion, Interaction, Mental Focus. Dive deeper on our Research Page.

VR Pain Control In Action

Lieutenant Samuel Brown returned from Afghanistan with extensive injuries and an uphill battle to rebuild his body and his life. The Virtual Reality game, SnowWorld, (made by DeepStream VR founders Ari and Howard) helped Sam escape the pain of recovery and physical rehabilitation.

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