• Cool!

    VR That’s Seriously Fun Based On Serious Science


We are seasoned experts on what makes virtual reality enjoyable, comfortable and helpful for pain.  Our know-how comes from a decade of work and collaborations with the teams of scientists who pioneered VR pain relief. For background info please check out our Research page.

COOL! is our latest creation that helps engage and relax your mind and body, so you tune into the action and tune out the pain. Get ready to dive in and get carried away to a place that is COOL! 

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COOL! is available today for healthcare professionals as an elective way to help provide pain relief for medical procedures. Contact us for information and pricing.

Complete VR Systems

Getting Your VR Hardware System

We are leaders in the VR industry with over 20 years experience.  Our focus is on practical and affordable systems that work for you in your world. A quick list of the components of a VR system includes:

  • VR Display: A wearable VR display (HMD), or a light and portable unit that mounts to your desktop, like the DS3D Viewer.
  • Computer: We work closely with our expert computer partner, , to curate the best VR laptops and compact desktops at the best price around.
  • Wearable Biosensors: Our games will give you the option to hook in signals like your heart rate, and let your heart control your experience.